Health Safety policy

The objective of this safety plan is to provide a workable model to the item in striving to achieve the goal of AL BARAKA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LLC zero lost time injury, accident.Company proposes to achieve this by incorporating the safety requirements in all the Company procedures and by maintaining a Safety culture in the day-to-day work life of the employees.

In addition to the prevention of accidents to the employees, suitable measures have been included to prevent accidents, which may result in injury to the public and damages to public or private properties.

  • We hold in high regard the Health, Safety and welfare of all our employees.
  • We firmly believe that every employee is entitled to work under the safest possible conditions.
  • All possible efforts will be taken in the interest of accident prevention, fire protection and health continuation in all our work sites, workshops and projects.
  • It is a good business practice to guard against accidents and occupational diseases.

It is our belief that taking specific safety precautions can prevent all accidents, which injure people, damage properties and impact to environment.