Power Generation Plants

BCC offers a full array of services for the construction and repair to whole structure rehabilitation and remodeling of power plants.

We strive to maintain the dignity of our company by providing quality, efficiency, innovation and the best service to our clients, and using construction techniques that will last a lifetime.

Our power generation plant services include, but not limited to:

  • Road construction
  • Rock core and rock under layer material supply and installation
  • Earthworks
    • Site preparation works
    • Excavation
    • Back filling
    • Sabkha excavation
    • Trench excavation
  • Sand material supply
  • Site construction for road and civil works
  • Building and repair of residential villas
  • Concrete works for bridges and highways
  • Cutting of existing asphalt
  • Supply of materials, placing and grading
  • Preparation of road embankment
  • Supervision, survey, and layout
  • Supply of granular base course material
  • Pipe laying
  • Manhole
  • Water testing
  • Valves and accessories fitting
  • Connection to pipe work
  • Storm drainage works
  • And many more.

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