OHSAS 18001 Certification

On the 15th day of the year 2015, Bureau VERITAS – Saudi Arabia confirmed that Al Baraka Construction Company Ltd., or much as well-known as BCC, has qualified to the Occupational Health and Safety management System (OHSAS) towards the OHSAS 18001 standard.

Audits took place last 10 to 14 of January 2015. BCC managers, employees, and their business consultant, Dr. Mohamed Mahyoub, dedicated their full effort and concern to meet the requirements for this so called International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This renowned and reputable certification was successfully achieved by BCC as the fruit of their hard work.

After long years of exceptional service, BCC continuously strives on improving their business strategies. This is recognized now that they have finally reached one of its goals – to be OHSAS certified; which means a globally competitive company. They have developed methodical schemes to elevate themselves from the ever growing competition in the market, and engage only with the most reliable and genuine suppliers.

OHSAS certification means a company must possess a Occupational Health and Safety management System. Generally, it is a collection of business processes focused on achieving your OHSAS policy, OHSAS objectives and OHSAS Risk assessment . It is expressed as the organizational structure, policies, procedures, processes, and resources needed to implement OHSAS management. It can be achieved only if a company has a systematic thinking, transparency, proper documentation and diagnostic discipline that sustainability focus implies. An effective Occupational Health and Safety management System includes, but not limited to, order processing, production planning, measurement of service, calibration, internal audits, corrective action, preventive action, purchasing, and other related processes like supplier selection and monitoring. ISO requires that the performance of these processes be measured, analyzed and continually improved, and the results of this form an input into the management review process.

Mr. Salem Alharbi, the Chairman of the Board, has dedicated years of experience for the success of their business. With his presence and supervision on their existing projects, he makes sure that all jobs are all done correctly. Since the Salem S. Alharbi Group, founded in 1979, he has kept the dignity and the efficiency of the company until the Al Baraka Construction Co. Ltd was established in 1996.

Meanwhile, Mr. Faisal Alharbi, the C.E.O, has a connatural talent on picking the right people to join the team. With his keen observations upon choosing among the candidates, he picks the most qualified talented professionals and only the most knowledgeable and skilled workers. His professional approach led the business to its today’s success.

Now that the BCC is ISO certified in ISO 9001\ 2008 & OHSAS certified in OHSAS \ 2007 they promise to continue providing above expectation services, and will constantly learn to satisfy the requirements of their consumers by improving their management system and OHSAS system  progressively.

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