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AL BARAKA CONSTRUCTION CO., LLC. (BCC) was established in the year 1996 as a liability limited company, under the chairmanship of Mr. Salem S. Al Harbi, along with his Sons, where they are members of the well-known Alharbi family, who they have many business activities, such as Contracting and Construction activity, and for many years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC. From the beginning, the company has effectively concentrated its effort to always meet its obligation both contractually and financially. Slow steady growth has been maintained over the years. With an excellent record of satisfactorily completing our projects on the scheduled time and within the budget, our company continues its growth. BCC is qualified company in the General Contracting sector, for the following scop of works, Civil works, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) works related, including the Earth works. Our properties include Batching Plants, and Heavy Equipments, such cranes, mixer trucks, loaders, excavator, trailers, bulldozers, graders, dump trucks, water trucks, rollers, and other essential hand tools. Mobilization of equipment will take place within seven days after the contract signing or as per mutual terms. Equipment of all types has been purchased based on the company needs; leasing or rental arrangements exist with some largest equipment suppliers.

Our Services

More than 25 years of experience that Al Baraka Construction Co. is having, where completed more than 100+ Projects at mixed types, and Let's see what Al Baraka Construction Co, offer in the Construction and Contracting sectors.

Building Construction

For more than 34 years, BCC provides building services including paving..

Roads , Highways & Bridges

In business for more than 34 years, building highways and roads has been one of..

Renewable Energy

BCC has served its customers as the contractor of choice for a wide variety of Power generation facilities…

Power Plants

BCC offers a full array of services for the construction and repair to whole structure


BCC also provides general construction services and civil works for airports..


We actively engaged in operations of General Earthworks, General Construction, Roads and Highways, Airports, Infrastructures, Bridges etc.

Quality Policy Statement

Due to our true deep belief in our vision which is looking to entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally

Scheduling, Equipment, and Materials

Our scheduling is based on accepted principles which include computer and other basic systems.

Financial Policy

It is our strategic approach to accept only projects that does not go beyond our financial capabilities. To circumvent

Quality Assurance Plan

The quality assurance plan was prepared by this organization to meet the requirements and specification for the projects. For this purpose

Additional Information

The chairman of the company, Mr. Salim Saeed Al-Harbi founded and established the SALIM S. AL HARBI GROUP in 1979 and got engaged in general engineering

Occupational Health & Safety Plan

AL-BARAKA CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. is responsible for the safety conditions of the company staff and other people.

Quality Policy

Due to our true deep belief in our vision which is looking to entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally and through adhering to our message


For those of our projects in following sectors like, Housing, Building Construction, Roads, Highways & Bridges, Power Plants and Oil and Gas, Let's see some of them, hopefully it will satisfy you.


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