AL BARAKA CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. contracting division is actively engaged in operations of General Earthworks, General Construction, Roads and Highways, Airports, Infrastructures, Bridges, Tunnels, Dams, Pools, etc.

  • General Earthworks:?All kinds of earthworks such as roads, trenches, and remedial works. It also includes site preparation, grubbing and clearing, duct banks, drainage, culvert, ditches, excavation of rock, soil, subkha, trenches, inspection of underground utilities, installation of pipes, cable laying, trust boring, dewatering, cutting and filling, supply and disposal of material, general back fill, selected fill, filling behind retaining wall, grading, compaction, testing, restoration of site, etc.
  • General Construction Works:?Includes paving, pouring of concrete, house building, multi-story buildings and other infrastructures, tile works, structural demolitions and its maintenance, etc.
  • Roads and Highways Works:?Includes all construction activities for highways, service roads, access roads, and the constructions of its shoulders, embankment, slope preparation, trimming, grading, sub-base, base course, asphalt works, its maintenance, etc.
  • Airports Works:?Includes all construction activities of runway, taxiway, service roads, access roads, apron, access for aircraft movements, temporary roads, fencing and barricades, sign boards, etc.
  • Bridges Works:?Includes construction of bridges for highways and other roads, fly overs for road crossing, culvert, duct bank, its maintenance, etc.
  • Tunnels Works:?Includes construction and maintenance of underground passage, channels, ditches, drainage, thrust boring, dewatering and shoring works etc.
  • Structural Construction Works: Works for dams and pools, dredging, breakwaters, jetties, docks, piers, revetments, etc.