Our scheduling is based on accepted principles which include computer and other basic systems. Our team of executives, project managers, preconstruction specialists, and supervisors shares its experience using an array of sophisticated budgeting and scheduling tools. These tools enable us to anticipate problems early on, devise creative solutions, and manage projects safely and efficiently. We have always been able to meet or exceed preliminary schedules. Constant update and supervision of scheduling is done by our key personnel in the office. Precise work, on-time delivery, safe and on budget – these are what our clients demand, and these are what Al Baraka Construction Co. delivers.


AL BARAKA CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. owns all types of construction equipment for civil works including batch plant, mixer trucks, concrete pump, crane, trailers, dump trucks, water trucks, loaders, case loader, bulldozers, graders, rollers, excavators, jack hammer, cutter, and other essential hand tools. We only rent or lease with two of the largest equipment suppliers across Saudi Arabia. Our equipment is being maintained in excellent operating condition by our well-qualified mechanics and technicians. We also have stand-by maintenance trucks in cases of equipment breakdowns at sites.

All materials incorporated in the entire work and its provisions shall meet the quality requirement specified in the contract documents. The client engineer shall approve all materials prior to forwarding any purchase contract. Materials are obtained from reputable suppliers to whom our prompt payment assures us prioritized consideration.