Quality Manual

Due to our true deep belief in our vision which is looking to entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally; and through adhering to our message which is implied in our excellence we seek in all construction and building projects implemented by our company, AL-BARAKA CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD., we commit to look forward to always provide our services in a way helps to achieve the best distinctive performance standards in accordance with international standards by:

  • Plan for professional performance in accordance with the most sophisticated international quality standards and standard specifications.
  • Provide the most sophisticated standards of vocational safety and health in implementing projects.
  • Always look forward to satisfying our success partners who own various projects.
  • Provide benefits to public society.

For achieving the aforementioned goals, our company is keen on adopting a quality system which conforms to requirements of International Standardization Organization (ISO) 9001 / 2008) and applying them efficiently and effectively in every operation executed in the company; and always work hard on improving such system. For achieving such goal, our company commits to provide financial resources and qualified human staff efficiencies that are well trained on their activity field; in addition to working truly hard on improving its staff efficiency by continuous training and going forward throughout strengthening their skills and required experience.

As international entrepreneurship is our objective, we will not withhold any effort for achieving such objective so that we could reach our customers’ aspirations and expectations nationally and internationally.

Company General Manager
Mr. Faisal Salem Al Harbi


Scope??of this manual:

This Quality Manual documents our quality management system, and it demonstrates AL BARAKA Construction Company’s pursuit to consistently provide construction that meets customer and regulatory requirements.

This Quality Manual establishes substantial compliance with ISO 9001:2008 It applies to all our business activities including our management, estimating, project management, safety, project management, purchasing, marketing, & field construction as covered by this Quality Manual (any applicable exclusions as listed below).


The following requirements of ISO 9001:2008 are excluded due to the nature of our company and the type of work we perform in compliance with Paragraph 1.2 of ISO 9001:2008:

Chapter Title Justification for Exclusion
7.3 Design and Development AL BARAKA does not perform any in-house design services