Al Baraka Quality and Health Safety Policy

We AL BARAKA CONSTRUCTION CO LLC. (BCC), are fully understand our responsibility for creating the safe work practices, reduce health hazards and accidents through application of technology. We are committed to provide to our clients the construction services through the international quality standards specifications and international standards performance in consistent to fully conform with statutory requirements with healthy and high level of safety in all our projects .

We AL BARAKA CONSTRUCTION CO LLC. (BCC), are always looking forward to provide our projects in a way to help and achieve the best distinctive performance in accordance with the international standards to meet our customer’s satisfaction by:-

  1. Prevention of industrial risk rather than detection / rectification and its adverse impact on the employee.
  2. Follow safe work practices and continually improve the effectiveness of system.
  3. Comply with applicable legal and other requirements as well as to take any additional measures considered necessary.
  4. ?Preserve the health and safety of site and its neighborhood.
  5. Always look forward to satisfying our success partners who own various projects.
  6. Provide benefits to public society.

In order to continuously?working?at this level, we are committed to continually improve our performance and effectiveness for the implementation of Quality Systems and?Occupational?Health and Safety Management Systems to ensure the continual compliance with the International Standards ISO 9001/2008 and OHSAS 18001 /2007, also we are committed to continue complying with the regulatory and legislation requirements in our scope of works.


Faisal S. Alharbi

CEO,?ALBARAKA Construction Co LLC. (BCC)

Issue date: 1/ 6 / 2014